Advance praise for The Journey of Hands by Hank Hudepohl:

  • "These poems are about awareness and its transforming powers. They are as trustworthy as the facts that give rise to them, and as priestly as the blessings they bestow. They sanctify, measure by slow measure."
    --James Baker Hall, author of The Total Light Process, former Poet Laureate of Kentucky

  • "In his first collection of poems, The Journey of Hands, Hank Hudepohl practices a down-home legerdemain, conjuring up people, places, animals, and experiences from distant past and immediate present and fixing them with a shapely permanence. Hudepohl's work looks easy and appealing, but it's also layered and subtle, with tensions underneath every poem."
    --John Drury, author of Burning the Aspern Papers

  • "There are no gimmicks here. The work is full of music, clarity, depth, and plain old good storytelling. At the heart of these poems is a tribal intelligence, a reckoning tender and fierce and true."
    --Thorpe Moeckel, author of Odd Botany