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Hank Hudepohl is an American poet and the founder / publisher of Pine Row PressHe spent his childhood in Kentucky, attended Harvard, and served in the US Navy as an officer on an aircraft carrier.  Later, he earned an MFA from Hollins University in Virginia, where he also taught creative writing. He has published three books of poetry:  The Journey of Hands in 2008, Riverbank in 2022, and Praise Poems in 2023. His work has appeared in literary journals and magazines, and has been featured on the NPR show The Writer’s Almanac numerous times. He now lives with his family in Northern Kentucky.  Contact: hank

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"These poems are about awareness and its transforming powers. They are as trustworthy as the facts that give rise to them, and as priestly as the blessings they bestow. They sanctify, measure by slow measure."

--James Baker Hall, former Poet Laureate of Kentucky 

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The poems in Riverbank are about the universal themes of innocence and experience. Poems in this collection have been featured in literary magazines and journals, and read on the NPR show The Writer's Almanac.  

"How can a boy / Know when his life is about to change forever?"

-from "At the South"

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Praise Poems are from a place of quietude and prayer. They are a glimpse into a meditation on belonging, and they are intended to be heard with the heart. 

"When you have the eyes to see,

Your oneness with humanity,

You will not put yourself above,

Your brother's or your sister's love." 

New book forthcoming!  More updates later this summer.